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Demand Responsive Transport
Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) provides personalised and yet collective transport schemes to better suit European citizens mobility needs. Check CONNECT, the European Portal on DRT and flexible transport schemes, to know more ...
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11/02/2005  -  Workshop  
"Flexible Mobility services: business models organisational and contractual issues"

04/02/2005  -  III Project Meeting 
Firenze - ATAF DEPOT
Via Pratese, 105
10-11 March 2005

The Course on DRT Design Methodology aims to provide to the participants the basis to investigate...

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SUNRISE project aims to increase the sustainable development
and social cohesion of European regions by the implementation and promotion of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Services in urban and rural areas.  

SUNRISE introduces a cooperation on DRT schemes among 6 European regions, in order to improve the accessibility to transport services for all categories of citizens, promote the exchange of experience and transfer of good practice between transport operators.  This will ultimately foster economic development, social cohesion and equality within different European regions.

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