• New LED lighting in the Experimentarium
  • New LED lighting in the Experimentarium
  • New LED lighting in the Experimentarium
  • Experimentarium: Before After



Experimentarium is a science center located in the Tuborg Harbour area. As a center for promoting natural science and modern technology, the Experimentarium presents dozens of exhibitions and interactive displays in an informal environment aimed especially at the younger segment of the population.

Main characteristics of the pilot project

The Experimentarium Pilot project has been developed in relation to a complete new construction of the entire exhibition area. In the meantime LED mock-ups were established in the existing exhibition area and 6 areas have been redesigned lighting wise. One major challenge of this installation is that the Experimentarium space is in constant evolution with new exhibits coming all year round.

The new lighting design aimed for flexibility (movable and dimmable fixtures), easier maintenance, better lighting quality (better colour rendering and a more uniform lighting) to improve the visitors experience. Some specificities related to the areas had also to be taken into account:

  • Exhibition floor, ground and first floor:  the lighting solution needed was a flexible and movable system which could be adapted to new exhibits.
  • Main Entrance: during daytime, the area receives substantial amounts of daylight, providing functional lighting and enhancing the quality of the space, so daylight linking of the electric lighting was required
  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria, which is also used for gathering and resting, required good light quality to enhance colour of food.
  • Exterior lighting: the old design, which included a very soft glow from the building through the large glazed areas was retained but additional external media projectors must be used to create the additional accent needed on the facade.


The expected energy saving were of 35% but the actual energy savings are almost reaching 55%.

Experimentarium did replace all the exhibition lights on the first floor and partly on the ground floor in the old exhibition house in Tuborg Habour during 2013. In January 2014, the Science Centre moved for two years to downtown Copenhagen, moving both exhibitions and lighting system. The lighting system was thought as to accommodate a “standard type” exhibition lighting. It is a system with movable, suspended tracks with track mounted spotlights. In prevision of new exhibits, multiple accessories for exhibition lighting, such as filters, barn doors, multiple beam angles, etc. can be added.

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