The ILLUMINATE project will assess SSL applicability and benefit as in high quality urban areas and in buildings hosting expositions and museums when light quality is un uncompromising requirement and SSL use is still problematic.  


Lighting accounts for 19% of electricity consumption worldwide and 14% in the EU. As incandescent lamps are being phased out in Europe, new energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting technologies start to replace them. Solid State Lighting (SSL) is the most innovative technology emerging in the market.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) based on inorganic semiconductors are mercury-free, have a long lifetime and instant on/off, can be colour tunable and, most important, they  will allow significant energy savings and result in a significant contribution to CO2 reduction at European level.

Just by switching to LED lights, we could decrease carbon dioxide emissions from electric power use by up to 50 percent in just over 20 years. Making this switch is possibly the most cost-effective way to tackle global warming using existing technology


ILLUMINATE builds up a network of exposition buildings and cities in Europe in order to apply and assess benefit of SSL technology in a wide range of scenarios and promote replication beyond the project boundary.

Two pilots in valuable areas of large EU cities and five pilots in selected exposition buildings are developed taking into account their special needs and aiming to produce large visibility and consensus among citizens and visitors.


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ILLUMINATE final brochure
Read our pilots'achievements: on average 60% energy saved!

Complete energy savings and financial savings
50-èpage detailed publication on the results of each pilot.

Final Conference June 18 in Genoa
Within the Genoa Smart Energy Week: ILLUMINATE final conference

Project's Pilots on YouTube
Check our YouTube channel to see the videos of the installations

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Led (light-emitting diode) is a piece of electronic, which emits light when electricity is passed through it.

The color of light depends on the metals used in making, therefor it can emit several color lights.

These small parts can be quite a fun to work in DIY (Do it yourself) projects or to watch amazing products made out of them.

They are quite cheap and require very low voltage to operate, which makes them idea for fun projects.

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For more information related SSL see Photonics & Organic Electronics web site

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