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Feasibility studies

The 11 feasibility sites have different characteristics and needs, thus allowing the investigation of sustainability aspects, environmental effects and social impacts of the proposed flexible transport solutions in a global manner.

The overall training, expertise knowledge and best practices transferred to the partners through the workshops and training courses was applied by partners locally to realize the most suitable flexible mobility services for their areas and context.

In general, activities included:

  • the analysis of site characteristics of the existing mobility demand and services offer and of the accessibility
  • the data collection and analysis of citizens and area needs, current environmental impact, operational, financial and organisational constraints
  • the definition of the most suitable mobility service schemes for improving and extending the services accessibility and reducing the environmental impacts
  • the design of the studied flexible transport services

Feasibility Studies

Brief descriptions of each feasibility study can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.  

For a more detailed description of all the feasibility studies and their outcomes please refer to D6 Feasibility Studies Report.

  • ITALY, Borgo Panigale (Bologna)
    "FTS for an urban area in Bologna, Italy, with the function to link a low density area with main transport service line and administrative local offices"
  • ITALY, Budrio (Bologna)
    "FTS for a rural area in the province of Bologna, Italy, with a low level of public transport usage but with the function of feeding into metropolitan trains"
  • ITALY, Scandicci Hills (Florence)
    "DRTs as feeder of tramway lines"
  • AUSTRIA, Defereggental
    DRT for an alpine rural region as a complementary service to existing public transport services, filling the spatial gaps and gaps of service operation time"
  • ITALY, Livorno
    "Urban DRTs for serving historic centre"
  • AUSTRIA, Purbach am Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl)
    "Further improving the existing DRT service in the municipality (small city in rural region) ensuring a sustainable mobility service".
  • GREECE, Kastoria
    "DRT service for meeting demands of locals and tourists in the Municipality's area in Kastoria city"
  • GREECE Langadas
    "DRTs for a Greek area of relatively low density population, poorly served by public transport in Langada County"
  • GREECE, Volos
    "DRT service for people with disabilities"
  • SPAIN, Island of Formentera
    "DRTs for a Spanish little Island area of relatively low density population in winter season and a great number of tourists in summer season".
  • PORTUGAL, Almada
    "FTS serving public service facilities and transport interfaces"
  • IRELAND, South Tipperary
    "DRTs for a rural area in Tipperary South, South East Ireland, focused on transport for Health Service users and the disability sector".

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