Member of OTE Group and member of Deutsche Telekom Group since March/ 09, COSMOTE S.A. was commercially launched in April/98. Within a short period of time from its establishment, COSMOTE succeeded in becoming the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Greece, and in evolving in an international group with activities in four additional countries of SE Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM (until May/09) and Romania through its subsidiary companies AMC, GLOBUL, COSMOFON (until May/09) and COSMOTE Romania respectively, while recently acquired the Romanian Telemobil (ZAPP). GERMANOS S.A., one of the most successful retail chains in the field of telecoms in SE Europe, is also member of the group since October/06.

By the end of June 09, the total COSMOTE group subscribers were around 20.7 million; 8.8 million residing in Greece (43.9% market share). To date, COSMOTE’s network offers 99.8% population coverage, 96.7% terrestrial geographical coverage and 98.2% coverage of the marine territory. In June/06, COSMOTE was the first operator in Greece to launch mobile broadband services via HSDPA technology, while since May/09, COSMOTE offers mobile broadband, downlink, data rates of up to 14.4Mb/s, and via HSPA+ technology downlink data rates of up to 21.6Mb/s and uplink data rates of 5.76Mb/s in selected areas, thus being one of the leading operators in Europe.


Contacts:  Eleni Theodoropoulou