Role in ILLUMINATE Project : Technical coordinator


Softeco Sismat  is a mid size enterprise (SME) and a leading innovation company in the ICT and engineering market. Founded in 1979, Softeco operates in Italy as well as Europe as a supplier of innovative software solutions for qualified large industrial partners and Public Administrations, or as a main contractor for the delivery of turnkey complete systems.

With the headquarter located in Genoa and branch offices in Milan Catania and Naples, Softeco has currently (2010) a staff of about 240, including system, project and research engineers, software analysts and developers, service engineers SOFTECO combines a strong technical and market knowledge in the ICT sector, with a solid attitude and consolidated experience in research and innovation initiatives and the participation as partner or coordinator to 40+ RTD projects starting from the EC JRCs’ initiatives and 3rd FP onwards, until today’s FP7 programme. Recent experiences in projects in the ICT domain includes the participation in eMOTION, CARAVEL, FAMS, eDRUL, COSTE, INVETE, DIRECT-INFO, MediaCampaign, MOTION, InContext, POPEYE, KWF-GRID, Q-ImPrESS and others. Softeco is currently the Coordinator of FP/ project COMMIUS (ICT-213876).

In the Smart Grid sector, Softeco is coordinating the Italian project Smart Gen which will become active in the second half of 2011.

See more details in In the energy sector, Softeco participated directly to the main activities for the electric network automation since its beginning and developed key components of network control and monitoring systems actually adopted by Italian energy distributor.

The company developed significant expertise in energy management applications and in particular in the interaction with the competitive power market. In response to specific new requirements generated by the growth of the energy market, Softeco Sismat has developed for multiutilities companies, Energy & Gas Retail®, the complete solution for the management of the sales process in the competitive power market. It is a vertical solution, complete and integrated, offering answers to the specific requirements of this specialized field. The product is complemented by Energy Data Manager, a specialised application for supporting the Energy Managers of large companies to monitor and plan energy consumption and to optimise procurement.