By exploiting innovative lighting solutions and their integration with intelligent control systems and different innovative use of lighting as permitted by SSL (color, shape, dimming), illuminate project will develop a general approach to overcome obstacles hampering SSL application in the addressed scenario and will deliver and assess a wide range of solutions, standards and pilots suitable to be customized and tailored for indoor and outdoor scenarios. At this end, the project intends to address not only efficiency (including also the economical and financial plans for investment recovery), but also the exploitation of advanced features made available by LED technology including intelligent control systems for light intensity and color as well new possibilities for luminaries shaping.

The large visibility of the ILLUMINATE pilots will favor the rising of awareness of SSL among citizens and visitors which will learn to apply this technology for their uses. The use of SSL technology can stimulate behavioral change by communicating the performances of their solutions to politicians, technicians, building users, different municipal departments.


  • Development of a SSL solution selection map for valuable urban areas and exposition buildings
    The project pursues a general approach to SSL application in contexts requiring high illumination quality. Requirements and constraints from the pilot scenarios are generalized for deriving a general approach and a selection tool for mapping input requirements and constraints to most appropriate technical solutions. The tool includes the exploitable knowledge and the experience accumulated in the project. It is  used for pilot implementation, is assessed by pilot operation and is supported and eased pilot replication in other cities and buildings in the EU.
  • SSL pilot implementation in representative scenarios.
    The ILLUMINATE general approach is  demonstrated by implementing seven complementary pilots in different cases of use addressing assess different facets of the light quality requisite to achieve complete and comprehensive validation while avoiding duplication and for promoting wide replication.
  • Pilot validation and assessment.
    The pilots  operate for an adequate period – over 12 months – to gather significant and dependable data on the two main issues addressed:  user acceptance and satisfaction, and actual energy saving, carbon footprint reduction, operational costs and pay-back.
  • Pilot replication promotion and dissemination
    Replication facilitation and support has been considered since project conception by pursuing a general and widely applicable approach  validated by several complementary sample pilots and supported by the SSL application support tool





  • Development of a SSL solution selection map for valuable urban areas and exposition buildings


  • SSL pilot implementation in representative scenarios


  • Pilot validation and assessment


  • Pilot replication promotion and dissemination