Role in ILLUMINATE Project : Coordinator



The City of Genoa is a local authority. The challenge of our City is building instruments and strategies for a different concept of local administration, focused on quality of development and economical revival.

Genoa is experimenting a new method of city government and governance through a creative exercise in steps, with new forms of social co-operation involving the whole community, with the idea of integrating public (local Institutions, all the authority levels) and private sectors for projects of economic, social and environmental transformation scheduled in the period from 2004 (when Genoa was European Capital of Culture) to 2010 and beyond.

Genoa works out a strategic vision of shared development, where the port, Mediterranean, environment and sustainable development are the pivotal points of an educating and thriving city with solidarity and participation, so as to overcome the long, structural crisis that affected the city and its port in the 80's. City of Genoa's objectives are actually focused on education and solidarity, quality of life, economy and employment, communication and promotion of the City, Port and infrastructures, city management improvement.

The project, supervised directly by City councillor, will be managed by the Department responsible for Green Plan and Regulations, Parks requalification, Agenda 21; Environmental Education, Action plan related to the Covenant of Mayors among other activities. The interest for project related activities is shown by a high number of projects that this Department joins in, together with local networks (public and private subjects, associations, no profit organisations).

This project will be developed in line with strategic plan of the City of Genoa, aiming at improving urban energy efficiency, in order to enhance City's profile in line with Energy Action Plan recently approved by Genoa in the framework of the European Covenant of Mayors. As a consequence the project will be managed directly by the City of Genoa.

Thanks to project's experimentations, Genoa will contribute to build a wide portfolio of on-the-field experiences which will be key to future European plans.