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Experimentarium  is Denmark’s national science centre which aim is to encourage interest in natural science and technology to as large a segment of the population as possible.

Experimentarium is more than just an exhibition centre. Experimentarium also focuses on creating partnerships with schools and develops science communication activities for schools such as competitions, web-based teaching materials, teacher training, teachers’ materials, consensus conferences, presentations, workshops, science demonstrations, didactic development projects, TV, radio and scientific news.

The Permanent Exhibition consists of approx. 300 displays in a 4.100 m2 area, divided into 11 different segments. In addition there is an area of 850 m2 area for temporary exhibitions. Finally there is a small stage hosting up to 150 people and an auditorium able to host more than 250 people. Since the opening, in January 1991, there have been more than 6.7 million visitors, who have enjoyed themselves in the exhibitions and with the different activities.

Experimentarium is situated in Tuborg's old bottling plant in Hellerup, close to Tuborg Harbour, 5 km north of Copenhagen and attracts approx. Number of visitors 350,000 visitors annually. Previous experiences