Role in ILLUMINATE Project : End User Exterior


The council is one of the largest landowners in Belfast and we are responsible for more than 100 operational centre across the city including, for example, civic buildings (including City Hall), leisure centres, offices and industrial premises. We have recognised the benefits of sustainable development, having embedded its principles within the council’s corporate plan. We aim to ensure that we maximise our energy efficiency, reduce our energy bills and cut emissions of harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). 

We are bound by the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive which requires us to prominently exhibit a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in their foyers. DECs display the actual energy usage of public buildings in the form of an operational rating ‘A’ to ‘G’, where A is the most efficient.

We also participate in the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES). Under the CRC EES, we are required to assess our building energy consumption (oil, gas and electricity) on an annual basis and convert this energy into carbon dioxide emissions. From 2012 we will have to purchase allowances from the UK government on an annual basis to cover our carbon dioxide emissions at a cost of £12 per tonne. Belfast City Hall is home to the Lord Mayor’s Office and Chief Executive Officer of Belfast City Council, and situated in the centre of Belfast City, is the ideal venue to demonstrate to city residents a commitment to SSL led installation .

The council’s website provides design snapshots documenting the integrated SSL pilot approach taken by staff and the design team. Monitoring and feedback of these iconic buildings will also provide knowledge-sharing opportunities.

The project will not only have the potential to improve our DEC rating as stated above, but will also reduce the amount of money we need to pay under the CRC EES each year to the UK government. The personnel provided in the table are located within the Property Maintenance Unit of the Council, and are involved in managing a budget of over £7M per anum, spread over the council’s portfolio of properties.

The Property Maintenance team has its own design staff (architects, engineers, and trades personnel), who are well qualified to deliver the proposed project for City Hall.