Role in ILLUMINATE Project : Lighting designer


Arup Lighting is a global firm providing engineering design, planning and project management services in all areas of the built environment.

We aim to help our clients meet their business needs by adding value through technical excellence, efficient organisation and personal service. We provide the engineering and related consultancy services necessary to every stage of the project, from inception to completion and after. These are available to clients singly or in combination, to suit the particular circumstance of the job.

Throughout the world we aim to provide a consistently excellent multi-disciplinary service, which also incorporates our concern for the environment. Arup is committed to sustainable design, to its increasing incorporation in our projects and to industry-wide sustainability initiatives. Formed in 1946, the firm has over 10,000 staff working in more than 90 offices in over 30 countries and our projects have taken us to more than 160 countries. The firm, which is wholly owned in trust for the benefit of its employees, enjoys total financial independence and has a global annual turnover in excess of £700 million. All profits, after provision for prudent reserves, are distributed to the staff.

A substantial proportion of the firm's income is devoted to improving its technical standards through the continuing professional development of its members and by developing new techniques of engineering design and management.

Our Businesses are assembled in one of four Markets: Energy, Industry & Resources, Property, Social Infrastructure and Transport, each managed by a Market Executive. Our professional services are grouped into one of three Practices: Buildings, Consulting and Infrastructure, each managed by a Practice Executive whose focus is to develop our people, their skills, and the services that they deliver to the marketplace.

We manage our operations in five Regions: Americas, Australasia, East Asia, Europe (covering Continental Europe) and UK-MEA (covering the UK, Middle East and Africa), each managed by a Region Board. The Region Boards and Market and Practice Executives report to the Arup Group Board. Each project is the responsibility of a Project Director who has access to specialist skills within the firm, whether those skills are in the project office or elsewhere. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure co-ordination between the disciplines. We operate formal quality management systems, routinely reviewing and auditing our work. We structure our project teams to achieve clear lines of responsibility and communication with the client and other consultants.

By these measures, we add value to our clients’ projects and achieve quality on which they can rely. Arup lighting provides a comprehensive architectural lighting design service to clients around the world.In skilled hands, lighting becomes the fourth dimension of architecture, integrating and enhancing other design disciplines. Conceptual design, technical detail Working closely with architects at all stages of a project, Arup's lighting specialists provide original and authentic conceptual design. Uniquely placed to turn vision into reality, they transform creative concepts into detailed technical specifications.

Arup worked with Louis Vuitton's architecture atelier to develop a fully integrated lighting concept that forms a seamless part of customer experience. After a number of highly successful trials, the lighting concept is now being rolled out to Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. Natural lighting Great lighting design also relies on using natural light effectively. Arup is a market leader in daylighting. The firm works with architects to understand how natural light is distributed in a building – how it is reflected and refracted through colours and materials. Together, they use this to enhance the building's performance and attractiveness.

As part of an expansion to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, USA, Arup designed a series of 1,000 'light scoop' skylights to light display areas naturally and without damaging sensitive artwork. State-of-the-art controls for the galleries and offices adjust to the level of daylight for maximum energy efficiency. Media façades With the potential to change how we perceive architecture and public space, media façades explore the synthesis of light and media. Arup's lighting designers work with their colleagues in façade engineering to design these stunning structures. At the Galleria Fashion Mall in Seoul, a media facade wraps around the building to form a fluid, dynamic skin.

Designed in collaboration with UNStudio, nearly 5,000 glass discs make up an ocean of colour and movement. In a world first in west Beijing, Arup combined LED lighting with photovoltaic arrays in the GreenPix - Zero Energy Media Wall, creating a building façade that produces twice the energy it consumes. At Arup, lighting is an integral and important element of intelligent building design, as well as a specialism in its own right. Working from offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia and the US, Arup's award-winning team creates unique and creative answers to clients' business objectives.