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GREECE, Langadas

"DRTs for a Greek area of relatively low density population, poorly served by public transport in Langada County"

The AUTh/Transport Systems Research Group in cooperation with SASTh will implement a feasibility study in the Langada area concerning the application of a FTS for the service of local citizens in order to increase the existing low quality of transport services.

The study concerns a FTS for a relatively low density area which is poorly served by public transport. Up to now the activities which have been carried out are:


  • Collection and analysis of data concerning the socio-economic characteristics of the area and the existing conventional public transport services (urban bus network - OASTh, semi-urban bus network - KTEL, municipal buses, taxis, school transport).
  • Illustration of useful information (population density, bus lines) on the maps of the area.
  • Design of the Questionnaire for the Municipalities of the County.
  • Conduction of the questionnaire survey for the Municipalities of the study area. Collection and analysis of the questionnaires.
  • Conduction of a small scale questionnaire survey (January 2010) at the Municipality of Langadas whose aim was the investigation of the consequences after the change of the transport service (inter-urban bus/ KTEL before 2003, urban bus/ OASTh after 2003) and the drawing of conclusions in relation to the service improvement.
  • Collection of some data for the existing mobility demand.
  • Definition and design of alternative FTS scenario schemes and evaluation of them.
  • Realization of two in-house workshops and selection of the FTS scenarios that will be further examined through the stated preferences survey.


Design of the questionnaire for the stated preferences survey in order to evaluate the demand. Stated preferences survey in progress.



These pages will be developed as the feasibility study progresses.

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