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CONNECT paper at ITS 2006, London

Dissemination of CONNECT results at the forthcoming ITS 2006 World Congress in London, on 9th October 2006.

The paper titled "CONNECT: Partnership and co-operation to create an Expert Network and a Knowledge Portal for Flexible Transport Services", by M. Boero (Softeco Sismat SpA) and Corinne Mulley, Johan Scholliers, Jenny Brake,John Nelson, Mark Smith (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) will report on the CONNECT Knowledge Portal and the experience done in the two-year project about collecting and disseminating knowledge and best practice of FTS.

Flexible Transport Services are increasingly used to provide mobility services and the sustainable operation of these is a major challenge. The CONNECT project, established under the Sixth Framework Programme, is a network of European experts in Flexible Transport Services (FTS) committed to the improvement of the transfer of knowledge between the partners and stakeholders of flexible transport in Europe. A central tool in this is the CONNECT Knowledge Portal (, which assembles information from experts together with material developed during the other CONNECT actions in a structured way. The pivotal element in this is the Virtual Library, which catalogues more than 300 documents on different aspects of flexible transport services providing information for organisations using or planning to specify, implement and operate flexible transport services. This approach, to provide structured information in a Virtual Library is transferable to other technology and services.

More information abot the event can be found on ITS website.


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