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New LIFE project on Flexible City Logistics

Coordinated  by the Municipality of Lucca, Italy, LIFE CEDM is an innovative project aiming at the realisation and start up of e-Logistics solutions and of the Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight Distribution - the CEDM City Logistics Terminal - in the historical centre of Lucca. 

The project includes a number of city logistics measures - regulatory, organisational, operational and technological - integrated in the broader context of urban mobility and transport scenario. This will enable Lucca to achieve high standards of energy efficiciency, environmental quality and general quality of the urban environment, thereby acting as a catalyst for other actions and a model for other European cities having the same kind of historical urban environment and transport problems.

Among planned city distribution measures, various schemes are included such as: on-demand delivery services, B2C value-added services involving goods delivery at parking sites or hotels, reverse logistics, 'last mile' solutions by transhipment at the CEDM city logistics terminal and delivery by clean vehicles at final destinations within Lucca historical center.

Started on November 2005, the LIFE-CEDM project will be completed in April 2008. The Municipality of Aalborg, Denmark, is also a partner, providing links wih state-of-the-art European City Logistics experiences.

More infomation on the project can be obtained by the CEDM website.

LIFE CEDM is developed with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community (Contr. No. LIFE05 ENVT/IT/000870).


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