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MASCARA, promoting DRT to increase social cohesion

MASCARA - DeMand Responsive TrAnsport Service for Increasing Social Cohesion in UrbAn/Rural Areas - is the latest Interreg III C action to promote DRT services and social cohesion in urban and rural areas in Europe.  The partnership includes Transport Operators, Authorities and Universities from 7 European Regions representing different transport /mobility environments, ranging from large metropolitan areas to small towns in more rural areas.

Lead by Cork City Council, the MASCARA project outcomes include the following:

  • Transfer of different technological, operational and organisational experiences of DRT services to MASCARA partners.
  • The collaborative realization of feasibility studies to identify the most appropriate DRT model in 2 different sites where DRT is a new concept.
  • Pilot applications of new DRT services/technology etc. to evaluate the impacts on mobility and social cohesion.
  • The formulation of best practice models and the production of a Best Practice Handbook for DRT service deployment.
  • Information exchange and sharing of experiences and best practice guidelines in support of new studies and new service installations at regional and international level.
  • Dissemination of policy recommendations within and outside the partnership to promote the more widespread implementation of DRT.
  • The establishment of a network, with key stakeholders (Municipalities, Regional Authorities, transport companies, associations etc.) for improving transport services, increasing overall transport accessibility and quality of life benefits.

More information about MASCARA Project can be found on the project website.

Created by  mmasnata  on  24/10/2005

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