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SUNRISE, to promote Demand Responsive Transport

SUNRISE (CohéSion sociale dans les zones UrbaiNes/Rurales basée sur services collectifs de mobilité InnovateurS et durablEs) is a new inter-regional project started under the EU INTERREG IIIC zone South programme. 

The aim of the SUNRISE project is to increase sustainable development and social cohesion in 6 European regions by the implementation and promotion of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services in urban and rural areas. Co-operation between the DRT schemes will take place by promoting the exchange of experience and transfer of good practice between transport operators. This will ultimately foster improved accessibility to transport services for all categories of citizens, leading to economic development, social cohesion and equality within diverse European regions. Specifically, the objectives are to:
  • Transfer the technological, operational and organisational experiences of DRT services to INTERREG IIIC regions in order to allow the regional development of transport services and to improve social cohesion.
  • Develop DRT feasibility studies at 6 sites in Italy (2 sites), Spain, Slovakia Ireland and Greece.
  • Implement pilot DRT services at 4 sites: City of Terrassa, Spain; Kilkenny, Ireland; Serres, Greece; and rural Massa, Italy.
  • Evaluate the impact of the DRT services on mobility and social cohesion in terms of service provision, economic viability and technological performance.
  • Support local authorities and transport operators in the decision making process when installing DRT services at the pilot sites.
  • Disseminate good practices concerning the implementation of DRT services at the local authority level to various local stakeholders (e.g. associations, transport companies, SMEs, politicians, municipalities, the Regional Authority) in order to improve mobility and quality of life for the residents.

More information on SUNRISE can be found on the project website:

Created by  mmasnata  on  29/09/2005

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