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 Developing FTS Options

A successful FTS initiative needs to develop a Business Model that:

Provides a clear description of how to make good business from FTS
Describes the dynamic mechanisms and incentives which are the ‘business engine’
Attracts promoters, entrepreneurs and service providers to make it happen

CONNECT has developed a methodology to develop a set of FTS options (described on this page) and to assess among them to select the most suited (next page).

Service Concepts for FTS
CONNECT identifies 7 FTS Service Concepts

  • Closed services
    • for specific groups
    • for single agency
  • General services for the urban area
    • For the urban periphery
    • Local routes within the urban area
    • Flexible routes in suburban areas
  • Rural areas
    • Local services
    • Flexible routes

Each Service Concept may have many variations, depending on scale, level of service, vehicle types, actors etc.

Developing FTS Options
Developing a set of FTS options consists of two stages:

  1. A description of the Site and the context. This sets the framework, and ensures there is a proper understanding of needs, possibilities and constraints
  2. The consideration of each of the possible concept dimensions. The possible combinations of feasible dimensions will form a set of feasible FTS options

The context includes the following issues:

  • Legal and regulatory framework 
  • The institutions
  • Public financing arrangements 
  • Fare restrictions 
  • Potential market and market opportunities 
  • Mobility requirements 
  • Business and societal objectives.

The concept description consists of following dimensions:

  • Business model dimensions
    • Target market
    • Target area
    • Relation to public transport
    • Service typology
    • Tariff system
    • Vehicle type
  • Organisational issues dimensions
    • The organisational model
    • The role of the TDC operator
    • Public Control
  • Financial dimensions
    • Public Funding
    • Public Funding Payment Basis for TDC
    • Public Funding Payment Basis for Transport Operations
  • Operational dimensions
    • Booking system
    • Pricing

In addition of the FTS dimensions mentioned above, there are other issues that have to be taken into consideration when implementing the FTS, such as the marketing strategy, incentives, product positioning and branding, and the roles of the various stakeholders.

More information
Detailed information about all the methods and concepts presented in this brochure can be found in the following documents:

  • CONNECT Deliverable D10 “Innovative Solutions and Test Cases”
  • CONNECT Deliverable D12 “Updated Business Development Knowledge Base Repository
  • CONNECT Deliverable D14 “Recommendations for Business Development"
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