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The CONNECT project has created Europe ’s leading source of information on Flexible Transport Systems.

The FLIPPER project (www.interreg4cflipper.eu)
is the follow-up project to Connect which take over the management and update of the Connect Virtual Library, which contains information on the many different aspects of flexible transport.

The FLIPPER Virtual Library contains documents, reports and presentations on many different aspects of flexible transport.

The Virtual Library contains currently over 300 different documents on Flexible Transport. The Virtual Library has a matrix structure as shown in the table (right) classified according to passenger transport, freight transport, urban transport, rural transport. Documents are characterised by meta data to improve searching.

The documents in the library can be browsed, according to the areas covered by the document, or text and metadata can be used to search in the library.

The FLIPPER Virtual Library is continuously under development, and material is continuously integrated. No registration is required to access the public documents in the library.

 Visit the FLIPPER Virtual Library
1. Systems and Operations for FTS
Markets and users (identifi cation)
User needs and requirements
Service operation (concepts,scenarios,organisation)
Concepts and methods for developing countries
System architecture,interfaces,data modelling
Communication with customers
2. Technologies for FTS
Dispatching technology
Optimisation tools
Booking and passenger information technology
Telecommunications:Internet, wireless communications, positioning technologies
In-vehicle equipment (in-vehicle terminals and architecture)
3.Vehicles and Vehicle Technologies for FTS
Classification – markets- vehicle selection
Passenger requirements
Operator requirements
Energy/environmental requirements
Concepts and solutions
4. Impact of FTS
Evaluation methodologies
Impacts of FTS
Business case of FTS
5. Business Development
Business models,contracts,financing
Organisational issues
Legal frameworks and institutional aspects
6. Good Practices
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